What I Got Max for His Birthday (2017)

Max had a birthday and I got him presents and I thought I'd show you what I got him! Almost everything is from small/independent companies/artists and he loved it all which is great! First up (his favourite) was this cassette from Art is Hard Records, where different artists on the label covered Pavement songs. I … Continue reading What I Got Max for His Birthday (2017)

August Favourites

I have compiled a list of my favourite things this month, consisting of everything from bowls to paint - hope you enjoy! In no particular order, I'm going to start off with this bowl from TKMaxx, which I've already mentioned in a previous blog post┬ábecause I eat my breakfast out of it every single day … Continue reading August Favourites

Visiting Blue Ginger Gallery, Malvern

The other day Max and I went to Blue-Ginger Gallery, near Malvern, Worcestershire, with his mum to prep some work they were both exhibiting. Above: the view from the car park. Below: inside the gallery. There was quite a lot there that I wanted to take home with me, I think knowing that we're moving … Continue reading Visiting Blue Ginger Gallery, Malvern