It’s Buzzwordathon week! If you haven’t already, do check out my TBR for the week here


Started the day with a bit of Wendell Berry over breakfast…

Then work all day, nothing too exciting…. oh, except the inaugural meeting of The Throw Away (Your Television) Society Book Club that I’m running with Amy over at Tomes With Tea.

After a good catch up and some book chat, I came home to another couple of pages of Berry…

…before realising it’s more of a read for when one’s brain can think well (so not before bedtime). Decided to start on How to Get Into the Twin Palms instead…

Didn’t get too far in but did realise it’s only 189ish pages and really enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

That’s it for day 1… hoping to finish both of these and start another tomorrow but I am getting tattooed and not sure if I’ll be able to read then… we’ll see!

Over and out!

Amy x

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