I love Lush’s Sleepy body lotion and here’s why…

The year was 2016. Autumn was well upon us and the days were getting shorter and drearier until the day came when Lush revealed their Christmas exclusives. And they announced a new body lotion, a twilight-scented body lotion. That lavender-tonka goodness in a lotion. No need to run a bath to smell like twilight anymore, oh no! Now we had the power to slather ourselves in a beautiful, thick, oatmeal-infused lotion, go to bed and wake feeling refreshed and well-rested (which, let me tell you, if you’re a Christmas super-fan like me, is definitely a useful asset in the run-up).

Then January came and went and Sleepy just vanished. It was expected, of course, but still felt like this amazing invention just got snatched away from us. Then, at the Lush Summit in February, Sleepy returned in the form of a hand cream, in a silver tube. It was like prayers had been answered, dreams had come true, until a visit to the Summit shop proved that they had sold out instantly and alas, they were no more (although I do hope it becomes a thing – everyone needs portable Sleepy).

Roll forward to June and alas the lotion is once more, and is now permanent! So if I were you, and if there are any left after all these articles floating around the interwebs, I would grab yourself a pot.


Thanks for reading and sweet dreams, zzZ

Amy x

Cover illustration: www.amyvale.com

Nabbed myself some Northern Craft goodies

Recently it seemed like all my favourite illustrators had made amazing pins but they were all exclusive to Northern Craft‘s Pin Drop event (which is an amazing idea for an exhibition – they asked 21 illustrators to design pins and are now exhibiting them together up in Leeds).

Living so far away, I had given up hope of getting any of them, until… they made the pins available online and some fell in my basket. I did feel a little bit ‘eek!’ about buying them, since I’m moving house soon, and I’ve just embarked on the wonderful adventure that is self-employment, but they’re so beautiful and so exclusive and I could justify it by reminding myself I didn’t buy food or use electric/gas/water at home for two weeks while away in Sweden so, you know. PLUS supporting fellow illustrators, and all that. Right? Although I did restrain myself and only bought 3…


[L-R] Dick Vincent, We Three Club, Kristyna Baczynski

If you’re into pins or illustration or the north of England, go and check out Northern Craft, and support these amazing people!

Amy x

What I got in Sweden (July/August 2017)

I am very lucky in that my boyfriend Max has family over in Sweden so every summer we get to go over and visit them for two weeks. I bought a few things in some of my favourite shops over there this year and thought I’d share them with you lovely people.

IMG_3246 copy

Firstly, we went to Fine Little Day which is a quirky little homeware, clothing & gift store in Lindome. Max and I got some cushion covers in readiness for moving into our new home and I picked up some postcards and a card set because I’m a pretty huge fan of their illustrations. I was also eyeing up a rug that had the same cooker print as the postcard above, definitely dream home kind of stuff.


Next up we got some tea towels from Hemtex, again for the new house, in an effort to get rid of all our old, unwanted tea towels and start afresh with nice ones.

IMG_3258 copy

Now, one of my favourite Swedish shops that I look forward to visiting every year is Indiska. They seem pretty keen on helping the planet and their stuff is “designed in Sweden for people who love India”. They usually have some nice clothes and homeware in there. This year I got another travel mug (it’s ok to own 3, right? Just in case…) and Max got himself a really nice bowl. The mug above is from Lagerhaus, another really nice homewaresy kind of shop.

IMG_4866 copy

Also from Indiska, I got this dress which I really like and is nice and summery, only problem being we got back to England and it was so dark and gloomy and raining and hasn’t really been sunny since June. Ah well.


At the airport on the way home Max picked up a copy of Rum Hemma which has gotten us really excited about our new house and furnishing it with nice things.

By the way, this new house I keep talking about has not actually been found yet… we’ve applied for a beautiful one in the rural Welsh countryside but we’re currently waiting on a phonecall letting us know if it’s ours or not. It’s getting pretty tense.

Thanks for reading! Laterz.

Amy x



Thought I’d use this first post to introduce myself a little bit.

  • My name is Amy.
  • I’m Welsh, but am currently living in England for a little bit.
  • I just graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration.
  • I live with my boyfriend Max (who is very lovely).
  • I’m vegan.
  • I collect pins and patches and stick most of them onto an old Levi’s denim jacket I got for £5 in a charity shop about 4 years ago.
  • I don’t really wear make-up.
  • My all-time favourite band is The Cure but at-the-moment fave is Ezra Furman.
  • I drive a little blue car that looks like a cube.
  • My favourite season is autumn.
  • I love the idea of being out in the woods but I really don’t like bugs.
  • I wear glasses (currently roundish brown ones) and have prescription sunglasses, and hate that moment when I go into a shop and have to switch glasses before I can see anything.
  • I can’t resist a good bourbon biscuit.
  • Since starting this blog post, I have a new-found passion for making lists.


So expect posts about vegan stuff, illustration stuff, pin stuff, home stuff, that kind of thing!

Thanks for reading, smell you later.

Amy x

ps. my illustration work can be found on my website and on Instagram!