I thought it might be interesting to document what I eat on an average day, and might help give people thinking about veganism some meal inspiration, so I thought I’d share with you what I eat in an average day, working from home. (I may be totally wrong and this might be a tedious post, in which case – soz).


6:52am: Breakfast


The contents of my breakfast don’t really change much unless we have bread that needs eating in which case I’ll have bread slathered in dairy-free spread (Vitalite Sunflower is the best, FYI). Or we run out of any of the ingredients. But there is always a cup of tea.

Inside this bowl:

  • Not-quite overnight oats – I usually just chuck half a cup of oats and half a cup of milk (usually almond but we just buy what’s on offer) into the bowl just before eating because meal prep is boring (but sensible!).
  • Cocoa powder – about a third of a tablespoon? (we actually have some lovely raw cacao powder from Fodder, our local health food shop at the moment, #treatyoself and all that).
  • Peanut butter (organic when we can afford it) – about half a tablespoon, split into blobs.
  • Seed mix – a good sprinkle (usually the Omega 3 one from Grapetree).
  • Sultanas or mixed fruit – again, a good sprinkle.
  • Half a banana (or a whole one, I’d probably have a whole one if I didn’t have to share with Max).
  • Cacao nibs on top if you’re feelin’ fancy.


Bowl: TKMaxx
Mug: Stephy Draws for Bloody Nora Pam


10:34am: Brunch

FullSizeRender 10

Not really brunch, just my daily banana and free decaf soya latte from Waitrose Cafe.


12:56pm: Lunch

FullSizeRender 11 copy.jpg

Trendiest meal of the day – avocado on toast. Doesn’t happen that often with avocados being so expensive and temperamental when it comes to ripeness.

I made toast using a white farmhouse loaf from Waitrose bakery, and then I topped it with Vitalite spread, avocado, nooch (nutritional yeast), sunflower seeds and black pepper. Yummy.


2:28pm: They jumped out of the cupboard and asked me to eat them, honest.

FullSizeRender 12


6:53pm: Tea

img_4920.jpgTea was a bit of a ‘let’s just make something from whatever’s in the cupboards’ kind of job. It ended up being pasta in a tomato sauce (ketchup, olive oil, garam masala, black pepper) with broccoli, curried chickpeas and onions, and some chopped up Linda McCartney veggie sausages. Yum yum.


There we have it, my day’s eatings. Hope it was interesting!



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