Recently it seemed like all my favourite illustrators had made amazing pins but they were all exclusive to Northern Craft‘s Pin Drop event (which is an amazing idea for an exhibition – they asked 21 illustrators to design pins and are now exhibiting them together up in Leeds).

Living so far away, I had given up hope of getting any of them, until… they made the pins available online and some fell in my basket. I did feel a little bit ‘eek!’ about buying them, since I’m moving house soon, and I’ve just embarked on the wonderful adventure that is self-employment, but they’re so beautiful and so exclusive and I could justify it by reminding myself I didn’t buy food or use electric/gas/water at home for two weeks while away in Sweden so, you know. PLUS supporting fellow illustrators, and all that. Right? Although I did restrain myself and only bought 3…


[L-R] Dick Vincent, We Three Club, Kristyna Baczynski

If you’re into pins or illustration or the north of England, go and check out Northern Craft, and support these amazing people!

Amy x

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